In my many years in professional practice, I have learned that working professionally produces the best results. I have achieved my greatest successes with reliability, commitment, perseverance, a target and results-orientated approach and pragmatism.

My approach also involves excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence in managing people.

Harrison Assessment

By using one of the leading methods for identifying a person's' personality, I have had great success at utilising employees correctly and finding professional new employees.

Matching personality profiles to job specifications helps in assessing whether an employee will be able to do the job he likes and wants to do, and whether he has the potential for further development.

If possible, I use Harrison Assessments in selecting my managers in putting together a powerful team. Feedback from employees is also very good about this method. It is well accepted by them.


The successful management of projects requires a great deal of experience that you cannot learn. However, you can learn the most important requirement: a method that delivers the “toolbox” for project management, enabling you to achieve your project goals.

However, dogmatic adherence to methodological guidelines is not called for, rather, FJUM offers the necessary pragmatism to utilise the tools needed to achieve success in every situation.

The core element of successful IT management is the adequate provision of IT services.

It's not worth re-inventing the wheel every time. In contrast, I make use of the experiences documented in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) that can be summarised as “best practices”.

As a manager working under time pressure to deliver results, I like working methodically, without losing the necessary flexibility and I frequently use solutions that have proved themselves in practice. It's not necessary to reinvent the wheel every time.

Falk Janotta Unternehmensmanagement

I am professional precisely when I can adapt flexibly to new situations and other people and always deliver the very best quality of results. And I insist on that!


As a Business Manager,
you'll know the following problems?

IT projects are out of control!

IT costs are too high!

IT services are not good enough!

IT processes are not working properly!

IT team does not have the right people!

There is no IT strategy!


You therefore want to achieve the following goals?

Professional project management and project financial control ensure successful projects.

IT financial control ensures cost-effective IT.

IT services are defined and good quality services are provided.

IT processes are matched to the needs of specific departments.

The right people are working in the right positions.

The IT strategy is clearly defined and helps to achieve the company's goals.


My offer to you:

We will discuss these problems and your goals. I will understand the requirements derived from this.

I will bring my extensive experience as an Interim Manager in IT and project management into your company and we will thus achieve your goals.

Get in touch. Don't delay doing the right thing right.