I have been working in information technology since 1979, initially as a system programmer with responsibility for system configuration. After graduating in Computer Science from the University of Hagen, I worked as a project manager and consultant in a management consultancy.

I had my first line responsibility in 1994 when I was appointed Departmental Manager for System Development and Projects. Thereafter I gained a wealth of experience in the challenging management of IT organisations and IT projects.

My next management positions were as Project Manager for SAP Retail and as Manager charged with setting up the “Retail and Consumer Goods” division of a large corporate consultancy.

As CIO of a mobile phone company and Divisional Manager for Applicational Development with another major mobile phone company, both in the telecommunications sector, I had responsibility for large IT organisations with a comprehensive range of operations. For instance, I managed cost reduction and process optimisation in the run-up to a European merger, the integration of acquired companies with associated reorganisation and the set-up of an in house IT organisation for what was at this time a new UMTS business.

I have been self-employed as an IT Interim Manager since 2004.

Since then, I have held a large number of challenging and versatile positions, including:

  • Global IT Infrastructure Manager in the chemical industry (negotiating the outsourcing of the entire global IT system and management of the associated migration project)
  • Corporate IT Director in England of a global IT company (management of internal IT, development of a Group IT strategy and management of the resulting project portfolio)
  • Business Manager of a high-tech company in the energy sector (initial conception, development and implementation of an internet portal-based sales channel for Business-to-Customer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) sectors
  • Program Manager in South Africa for the project to upgrade the entire IT platform, as well as management of the Chinese software supplier and service provider
  • Interim CIO for a global publicly listed and owner-managed company in the special plant and machinery construction sector (creation of an IT strategy, organisation of the reorientation of the Group's IT system and quality improvement of operational IT)
  • Head of IT Solutions of a global company in the chemical sector (management of IT staff, project manager for set-up of the IT integration project including infrastructure and SAP-Oracle migration due to the sale of the company to a Russian corporation)
Falk Janotta

Thinking without experience is empty, experiencing without thinking is blind.

Immanuel Kant


As a Business Manager,
you'll know the following problems?

IT projects are out of control!

IT costs are too high!

IT services are not good enough!

IT processes are not working properly!

IT team does not have the right people!

There is no IT strategy!


You therefore want to achieve the following goals?

Professional project management and project financial control ensure successful projects.

IT financial control ensures cost-effective IT.

IT services are defined and good quality services are provided.

IT processes are matched to the needs of specific departments.

The right people are working in the right positions.

The IT strategy is clearly defined and helps to achieve the company's goals.


My offer to you:

We will discuss these problems and your goals. I will understand the requirements derived from this.

I will bring my extensive experience as an Interim Manager in IT and project management into your company and we will thus achieve your goals.

Get in touch. Don't delay doing the right thing right.