Selection and Appointment

Alongside extremely good products and services, successful companies above all have suitable, qualified and experienced staff at the interfaces of decision-making and change.

Filling these positions is therefore a matter of great importance. The diversity in the recruitment of employees today presents the very best opportunities for appointment of the right people to the right positions.

I am the right point of contact to offer you the best tools to ideally fill the key positions in your company.

The most important issue when filling a key position is: How do I know that the respective candidate is the right person for the specific position? How can I avoid expensive and frustrating wrong appointments?

Falk Janotta Unternehmensmanagement enables you to analyse candidates in a targeted way, thereby efficiently appointing the right candidate to the right position.

Falk Janotta Unternehmensmanagement

Understanding the personalities of candidates and taking this into consideration when appointing them or transferring work or responsibility to them, is a key factor for the success of a company!


As a Business Manager,
you'll know the following problems?

IT projects are out of control!

IT costs are too high!

IT services are not good enough!

IT processes are not working properly!

IT team does not have the right people!

There is no IT strategy!


You therefore want to achieve the following goals?

Professional project management and project financial control ensure successful projects.

IT financial control ensures cost-effective IT.

IT services are defined and good quality services are provided.

IT processes are matched to the needs of specific departments.

The right people are working in the right positions.

The IT strategy is clearly defined and helps to achieve the company's goals.


My offer to you:

We will discuss these problems and your goals. I will understand the requirements derived from this.

I will bring my extensive experience as an Interim Manager in IT and project management into your company and we will thus achieve your goals.

Get in touch. Don't delay doing the right thing right.